GROUNDED, a fundraiser for NWNW


The annual benefit performance has become an NWNW tradition. This year’s event is a preview performance of Grounded at Coho Theater.

Date: Thursday, April 30, 2015
Drinks & Conversation: 6:30 PM
Seating: 7:15 PM
Place: CoHo Theater, 2257 NW Raleigh Street

Join us for the preview performance of CoHo’s final show of the season and help support neighborhood projects and services! Come connect with your neighbors and enjoy an evening of collaborative, homegrown theater with the solo play, Grounded. After discovering she’s pregnant, an ace F-16 fighter pilot finds herself reassigned to the Air Force drone program. By day she hunts terrorists, piloting a remote-controlled drone from an air-conditioned trailer in the Nevada desert. Each night she returns home, retreating to the routines of civilian life and parenthood. But navigating the shift may prove to be the most dangerous mission of all.

Purchase your tickets today! $25 for adult tickets, $15 for seniors, students, educators & veterans.  Purchase tickets below or by calling 503-823-4288. Cash, check & credit card accepted. Questions? Email

This event contributes to NWNW’s general fund, which ensures that staff will be able to assist neighborhood volunteers with all of the activities they plan for their neighborhood, including trainings, website and e-newsletter support and assistance with neighborhood events like emergency preparedness workshops and summer picnics. We invite you to attend and thank you for your support.

Purchase Tickets

Thank you to all the community members and sponsors who make this event a success.

Special Thanks To:

  • CoHo Productions


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Pearl E-Prep Expansion

The Emergency Preparedness (E-Prep) Committee has launched the Pearl Residential Emergency Preparedness (Pearl E-PREP) program. Pearl E-PREP is a grassroots, resident-led, emergency preparedness initiative that’s based on the ideas that:

  • Preparedness is about community, not catastrophe; and
  • The time to prepare for an emergency or disaster is before it happens.

The goal of Pearl E-PREP is to work with Pearl residents, on a building-by-building basis, to:

Make their community safer, more prepared and more resilient; and
Develop relationships and capacities during normal times, so they can get to work, and not have to get to know each other, if a disaster strikes.

This winter, residents of The Sitka Apartments piloted Pearl E-PREP in their community, with support from the building owner and property management company. The Pearl E-PREP pilot is expanding to five condo buildings, later this spring. The E-Prep Committee plans to evaluate the pilot this summer and make an E-PREP resource “toolkit” available for use by residents in other buildings in the fall.

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It’s Clean-up Season!

Earth Day each Spring also brings a preponderance of neighborhood clean-ups. Six local neighborhoods, including the Forest Park, Northwest District, Northwest Heights, Old Town Chinatown, the Pearl District,  and Sylvan-Highlands, have all scheduled clean-ups throughout April and into May. This includes a connection to nature, litter patrols, event a shredding day! Visit the Neighbors West-Northwest online calendar learn about event details or contact Jen, 503 823-4265, to find out more.

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Community Policing Coffee Klatch

Coffee Klatch final color outlines





Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Time: 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Place: Fred Meyer Stadium Overview Room, 100 NW 20th Place
RSVP Requested: Contact Angela, 503 823-4211

Planning your first National Night Out? Interested in starting a Foot Patrol, Neighborhood Watch or Livability Team? Have you already been working on these neighborhood activities and have tips to share with your neighbors? Join your peers volunteering in the community and Crime Prevention Coordinator, Mark Wells, from the City of Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement. Participants from across neighborhood boundaries will learn about concrete projects that neighbors regularly coordinate to impact local public safety. This event is sponsoreded by Neighbors West-Northwest. RSVP is requested as space is limited.

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Pearl District Foot Patrol

by Adonay Solleiro

All residents of the Pearl who wish to take an active part in assuring a safe and livable community, are invited to attend a Foot Patrol Training. Led by Mark Wells, Crime Prevention Coordinator from the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, the training will be held on Tuesday, April 14 at 6 pm at the Ecotrust Building, 2nd floor, on the corner of NW Johnson St. and 10th Ave.

As described by ONI, “A Foot Patrol is a trained group of volunteers organized to increase the safety and livability of their neighborhood. They walk their neighborhood streets, parks, or schools to deter crime and report incidents and problems, rather than sit back and hope that someone else will take care of any crime or livability problems. Foot Patrol members are actively and directly involved in solving those problems in a community-based, non-confrontational manner. Foot Patrols collaborate with the City’s Crime Prevention Coordinators, police, neighborhood coalitions and associations, schools, parks personnel, and area businesses to help make sure that neighborhood problems receive a prompt and effective response. A Foot Patrol is a great way to meet like-minded people, contribute to your community, and get some exercise too!” Click here to learn more information about the City of Portland’s Crime Prevention program.

Participation in Foot Patrols is created according to the availability of participants. Patrols might be scheduled once a week, every two weeks or once a month for a 45 minute to an hour walk with several neighbors.

You are welcome to join with neighbors to help create a positive presence of caring in our community, have some fun and get some exercise at the same time!

Please RSVP for this valuable training by emailing Patrice Hanson or Bill Dolan.

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Inclusionary Housing Workshop, April 27th

Inclusionary Housing workshop

Keep Portland Affordable: A Workshop on Inclusionary Housing
Monday, April 27, 2015
6:30 PM // Snacks and Mingling
7 – 8:30 PM // Workshop
Community Music Center, 3350 SE Francis (1 block south of Powell at 33rd Place)
Register for this free event here:

How can we keep Portland affordable?

Join SE Uplift, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon and Welcome Home Coalition to learn about House Bill 2564 and what you can do advocate for local housing development policies aimed at keeping Portland affordable for people of all income levels. Workshop participants will learn the basics of Inclusionary Housing, hear case studies from other cities that have adopted similar policies and discover ways to advocate for housing affordability in their own neighborhoods.

Inclusionary housing is a basic land use tool that has been around for over forty years and is used by over 500 jurisdictions across the country to combat displacement and create opportunities for affordable homeownership. It works by securing a certain percentage units in new development to be sold or rented at below-market prices, while providing developers incentives designed to offset the costs. By integrating affordable units into new development, inclusionary housing allows for people of all incomes to have access to the same amenities, services and opportunities, such as good jobs, good schools, transportation and healthy living environments.

Portland is struggling to keep up with the demand for workforce housing, and many working families are struggling as a result. SE Uplift hopes to spark a conversation about how to create a city everyone can afford to call home.
Moderator: Vivian Satterfield, Associate Director, OPAL
Renter stories – speakers to be confirmed
Inclusionary Housing 101 – speaker to be confirmed
Case Studies from around the nation – Cameron Herrington, Housing Advocate, North Northeast Neighbors for Housing Affordability
Actions to take – Jes Larson, Executive Director, Welcome Home Coalition

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Preview Performance of Grounded Benefits NWNW

Date: Thursday, April 30, 2015
Time: 6:30 pm, Drinks & Conversation
Seating: 7:15 pm
Place: CoHo Theater, 2257 NW Raleigh Street

Join us for the preview performance of CoHo’s final show of the season and help support neighborhood projects and services!

Come connect with your neighbors and enjoy an evening of collaborative, homegrown theater with the solo play, Grounded. After discovering she’s pregnant, an ace F-16 fighter pilot finds herself reassigned to the Air Force drone program. By day she hunts terrorists, piloting a remote-controlled drone from an air-conditioned trailer in the Nevada desert. Each night she returns home, retreating to the routines of civilian life and parenthood. But navigating the shift may prove to be the most dangerous mission of all.

Purchase your tickets today! $25 for adult tickets, $15 for seniors, students & educators. Tickets for this preview performance are available over the phone at 503 823-4288 or in person at 2257 NW Raleigh. Cash, check & credit card accepted. Learn more about the fundraiser online or more about CoHo here.

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Calling All Gardeners

by Lura Jones, Linnton Resident & Masters in Public Health Candidate at Portland State University
Portland Parks and Recreation is interested in building a community garden in Linnton at Kingsley Park off of NW 114th Ave. The City of Portland’s Community Gardens program coordinator, Laura Niemi, needs to confirm that at least 10 local residents or businesses are interested in order to proceed. Typical community gardens contain 25-50 plots, but since Linnton is a small community, the city agreed to install as few as 10 plots. They have sent out a postcard to all local residents and businesses to gauge community interest. Please fill these out and send them back if you are interested or have comments and suggestions about the community garden project. Once enough interest has been confirmed, the process of designing the community garden and securing funds to build and maintain it will begin. For more info: Laura Niemi, 503 823-1612,  or click here.
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River Access in Linnton?

by Brian Hoop
“We are one big step closer to river access,” reports Ed Jones, Chair of the Linnton Neighborhood Association, referring to the Type 2 land use review of a proposal to redevelop the former Linnton Plywood Mill site into a natural habitat “mitigation area.” The proposed pathway at NW 107th Avenue to a river view overlook has been of particular interest. The Linnton Neighborhood Association has long sought this location as an access point to the Willamette River Greenway and a sandy beach that is within the public right-of- way. The Bureau of Development Services approved the developer’s application on the condition the path be extended the additional 35 feet from the overlook to the property line. This is still no guarantee for access to the sandy beach. “Nonetheless,” says Jones, “We want this done as part of this project, rather than left to an uncertain future. My concern is that once it is built it will be impossible to make changes….” Questions? Contact Kathy Harnden, Bureau of Development Services, 503 823-7318.
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Help Old Town Chinatown Receive Matching Funds

The Old Town Chinatown Community Association has a chance to contract with a District Manager to transform the image of the neighborhood and to serve as a catalyst for new activity. Among other duties, this person will increase positive neighborhood communications, bring people living and working in the neighborhood together, and support event coordination. Show your support by providing a financial contribution so that OTCTCA can secure $50,000 in matching funds from the Portland Development Commission. The PDC grant is available only if an equal amount is contributed by the local community. Contact Jane Demarco with any questions. Thank you for considering a tax deductible donation. Please make your check payable to:

OTCT Community Association
Attn: District Manager
221 NW 2nd Avenue, Box 15
Portland, OR 97209

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