Board Members

The Neighbors West-Northwest Review Board consists of two delegates from each of the twelve member Neighborhood Associations. Each neighborhood has one vote on the Review Board.

While each neighborhood has its own goals and opinions, the NWNW Review Board operates as a forum for egalitarian exchange of information. The NWNW Review Board supervises office personnel, determines the annual budget, and assists each neighborhood with projects. Each Neighborhood Association is empowered to take action on issues within its boundaries. Joint goals and projects oftentimes rise to Review Board consideration.

Current NWNW Board Members:

Peter Stark
President / Hillside Representative

Juliet Hyams
Vice President / Northwest District (NWDA) Representative

Les Blaize
Secretary / Forest Park Representative

Marshall Gannett
Arlington Heights Representative

Nicolas Clark
Goose Hollow Representative

Roger Leachman
Goose Hollow Alternate

Gary Berger
Hillside Alternate

Edward Jones
Linnton Representative

Shawn Looney
Linnton Alternate

Bill Welch
Northwest District (NWDA) Alternate

Charles Clark
Northwest Heights Alternate

Harold Hutchinson
Northwest Industrial (NINA) Representative

Danielle Johnson
Northwest Industrial Alternate

David Hooff
Old Town Chinatown Representative

Helen Ying
Old Town Chinatown Alternate

Bruce Morrison
Pearl District Representative

Patricia Gardner
Pearl District Representative

Felicia Williams
Portland Downtown Representative

Beth Hansen
Portland Downtown Alternate

Kristen Shorey
Sylvan-Highlands Representative