Portland’s Curbside Composting

New Curbside Composting, Recycling and Garbage Service begins October 31!

Starting October 31st, most Portland residents will be able to add food scraps, along with yard debris, to their green Portland Composts! roll carts. As part of this new service, collection of the green Portland Composts! roll cart will increase to weekly, and garbage collection will change to every other week. The blue Portland Recycles! roll cart and yellow glass recycling bin will continue with weekly collection. These changes apply to all single-family households and buildings with four or fewer units.

With the new service, instead of throwing away things like meat, dairy, bones and grains, residents will be able to send food scraps to local composting facilities where they will be turned into a nutrient-rich compost for fertilizing yards and gardens.

For more information, visit the Portland Composts! website.

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