Tobacco-Free ODOT begins Jan. 1, 2013

A change is coming to many state-controlled properties beginning Jan. 1, 2013: Governor Kitzhaber has signed an Executive Order making most state-controlled properties tobacco-free. ODOT is adopting this change as agency policy.

  • Smoking is already prohibited inside all State of Oregon facilities by Oregon’s Smokefree Workplace Law that went into effect in January 2002.
  • The Governor’s executive order further prohibits smoking on the properties adjacent to state buildings, including parking lots and state-controlled sidewalks and greenways.

The executive order excludes state agency grounds maintained primarily for use by the public, such as highway rest areas, public roads, public sidewalks and public beaches; it also provides more time for state parks and state universities to implement the order.

However, ODOT-owned or controlled buildings must comply with the order beginning Jan. 1, 2013.

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