NW 1 & SW 1 Leaf Day Cleen Sweeps

You may or may not recall, but there was a cold event in early December which did not allow the Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) to effectively clean two of the CleanSweeps that were scheduled. We performed a push and load effort to get the bulk of the leaves and prevent flooding. At the time, PBOT acknowledged at the time that the streets weren’t clean and that we would return. (Initially they planned for February, but the recent snowstorm prevented that from happening.) PBOT will be returning to sweep the SW 1 and NW 1 CleanSweep areas on March 12 and March 14, respectively, weather dependent.  (For a map of these areas, visit www.portlandoregon.gov/transportation/leafday.)  The timing was adjusted to avoid conflict with the Timbers home games.

Additionally,  ‘No parking’ barricades will be placed on NW Lovejoy, from NW 23rd to NW 25th and then continuing on NW Cornell to the first tunnel to pick up gravel from the February storm. We will do one side of the street with SW 1 and the other side of the street with NW 1.

For additional information, contact Jody Yates (503 823-1769), Division Manager, Maintenance Construction & Operations, City of Portland, Bureau of Transportation.

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Neighborhood Emergency Team 2013 Report

In the aftermath of disasters such as earthquakes, more than 90 percent of persons rescued are not rescued by police officers, EMTs or firefighters. They are rescued by their neighbors. Since 1994, the Portland Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) program has trained Portlanders to safely protect lives and property in their communities in the wake of a major disaster. After a catastrophe such as a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake NET volunteers will conduct search and rescue operations, triage and treat injuries, and shut off compromised utilities until professionals can arrive on the scene.

The Portland NET program recently release a report tracking their efforts in 2013.

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NW Portland Reservoir Project Delayed by Inclement Weather

The Portland Water Bureau’s construction project to build a 1.3-million gallon reinforced-concrete underground drinking water reservoir and a 1,408 square-foot pump station in northwest Portland was previously slated for completion in March 2014.  Due to inclement weather in December 2013 and January 2014, the project was slightly delayed and is now expected to be complete in May 2014, under normal weather conditions.

In October 2012, contractor Emery & Sons Construction, Inc. began work with oversight from the Water Bureau’s Engineering Services Group to construct the Forest Park Low Tank Reservoir and pump station on City property off NW Skyline Boulevard, near NW Hawkins Boulevard. Crews have made significant progress on the build, completing the following phases of construction:

  • Clearing, grubbing and excavating the site
  • Building a maintenance access road
  • Drilling and grouting 320 soil nails to stabilize the soil slope
  • Installing a detention vault to managing excess water runoff
  • Pouring the reservoir floor, 50-foot tall walls, and nine interior columns for roof support
  • Reinforcing the reservoir walls with a tensioned wrap of steel cable
  • Applying shotcrete to the reservoir’s exterior
  • Pouring the reservoir roof
  • Installing an underground vault that houses electrical facilities to power the reservoir
  • Testing reservoir for water tightness
  • Constructing an adjacent pump station

Currently, crews are working to backfill the reservoir, built 41-feet into the ground, and the adjacent pump station. Soon, the reservoir will be covered and compacted with layers of soil and eventually native grasses.

For the remainder of the project, the Water Bureau does not anticipate impacts or disruptions to traffic on NW Skyline Boulevard.

The new reservoir and pump station are part of an overall plan to better serve the current and future water needs of residents living at higher elevations in the area. It will also help to improve water capacity for emergency fire protection.

For additional information regarding the project, contact Lindsay Wochnick, Public Information, at 503-823-3028, Lindsay.Wochnick@portlandoregon.gov or visit the project webpage at www.portlandoregon.gov/water/forestparklowtank.

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Community Conversation: Create the Future of Your Community

Engage in a lively conversation with people across neighborhoods in Portland to create a vision for the future. What does an ideal community look, taste, sound, smell and feel like? What can we do today to foster positive change for tomorrow? Bring your friends and family to this free event and discover pathways to new possibilities!

RSVP suggested online or by phone at 503.546.7499 by March 12th. Everyone is welcome, regardless of what neighborhood you live in! Enjoy refreshments and a raffle. Childcare (9 and under), transportation, and interpretation are provided upon request, with 48 hours advanced notice. This program is part of the Community Legacy Project sponsored by Our United Villages.

When: Saturday, March 15th, from 11am to 1pm
Where: OpenSourcery
1636 NW Lovejoy St. Portland, OR 97209
Who: You! Bring your friends and family to this free event and discover pathways to new possibilities!

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Japantown Digital Walking Tours

Explore Portland Oregon’s historic Japantown with this user-friendly walking tour. The city’s vibrant pre-WWII Japanese American community is archived in over 125 photographs and audio clips. Watch historic Japantown street life reappears in “then and now” photographic dissolves. Share content with built in Facebook and Twitter buttons.

This GPS-enabled app guides you through Portland’s eight block Japantown, a bustling community in the early decades of the twentieth century – better known today as the colorful Old Town Chinatown neighborhood.

Japantown PDX documents the vitality of this once-thriving “Nihonmachi” as well as its sudden disappearance in the spring of 1942 when all persons of Japanese ancestry were removed from the West Coast and placed in America’s concentration camps during WWII. In addition to telling Portland’s Japantown story, the app explores the remarkably diverse Old Town neighborhood in tour stops that honor its African American, Chinese and LGBT roots.

Japantown PDX was designed by history educator, Peter Pappas and his students at the University of Portland. Archival content was provided by the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center, a Japanese American history museum located in the heart of Portland’s Japantown. Powered by GammaPoint – Apps for wearable devices, sensors, connected cars.

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U of O Survey on Technology & Improving Urban Neighborhoods

University of Oregon graduate student Todd Milbourn is conducting research on how digital technology can be used to improve urban neighborhoods. He is inviting neighborhood leaders to take five minutes and answer a few questions on this Survey. The survey is just 13 questions long. It focuses on how citizens report quality-of-life issues to municipal authorities, and whether there might be ways to harness digital technology to improve that process.

Email Todd with questions or to learn more about his research.


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Liquor License Applications, Comments?

The following Liquor Licenses applications were received for consideration by the City of Portland the week of February 10th to the 14th, 2014. Click here to see the applications in their entirety.

If you wish to comment, please fill out the comment form and submit it to the City of Portland Liquor License Notification Program. The applicants are listed below in order of when comments are due.

Attn: Theresa Marchetti
By mail to: 1221 SW 4th Ave Ste 110, Portland OR 97204
By fax to: 503 823-3050
By email to: theresa.marchetti@portlandoregon.gov

Neighborhood Association: NORTHWEST INDUSTRIAL
Change Location – Wholesale
Comments Due: 3/12/2014

Neighborhood Association: DOWNTOWN
Add Partner  – Full on Premises
Comments Due: 3/14/2014

Neighborhood Association: PEARL
New Owner – Off premises
Comments Due: 3/15/2014

Neighborhood Association: DOWNTOWN
515 SW 4TH
New Outlet – Full on Premises
Comments Due: 3/20/2014

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OLCC Public Hearing 2/27/14: Open Areas Package

Date:Thursday, February 27, 2014
Time: 10:00 a.m. – Noon on
Place: Oregon Liquor Control Commission, 9079 SE McLoughlin Blvd., Portland, OR 97222

Since March of 2012, the OLCC has granted an increasing number of annual
liquor licenses at locations where alcohol is sold and served by food cart operators and
consumed in exclusively outdoor areas. Taking into consideration the unique nature of
this type of premises, which consist solely of an outdoor area that does not abut a
previously licensed building, the Commission has placed operating restrictions on each
annual license that it has issued to such operators. The Commission’s use of
restrictions to manage the operating risks presented by the food cart business model
subjects food cart licensees to the risk of more severe sanctions than traditional brick and-
mortar licensees would be subject to for a similar violation. It could also lead to substantive variations among restriction provisions as the number of food cart licenses
granted continues to grow. OLCC is considering a proposed rules package with the intent to alleviate these concerns.

Click here to view the full hearing announcement sent by OLCC, including instructions on submitting testimony and the deadline for submission.

Click here to view the full text of the proposed change.

For more information or to submit testimony, contact Presiding Officer: Annabelle Henry, 503 872-5004. She can also be reached  toll free at (800) 452-6522 or via fax at 503 872-5110.

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Noise Levels & Street Musicians

In August 2001 Portland’s City Council established a noise ordinance that states: “It is the intent of the City Council to minimize the exposure of citizens to the potential negative physiological and psychological effects of excessive noise and protect, promote and preserve the public health, safety and welfare.  It is the intent of the City Council to control the level of noise in a manner that promotes the use, value, and enjoyment of property, conduct of business, sleep and repose and reduces unnecessary and excessive sound in the environment.”

In popular urban areas, street musicians are sometimes impacted by noise ordinances. In Downtown Portland, a Street Musician Partnership Agreement was developed to help address some livability concerns and could be used as a model for other communities considering types of good neighbor agreements with street musicians.

Additional resources could be found online:

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Town Halls: Funding Transportation Infrastructure

The Portland Bureau of Transportation invites you to join Mayor Charlie Hales, City Commissioner Steve Novick, transportation staff and your neighbors at one of three upcoming town halls to discuss current unfunded transportation needs.

  • Thursday, Feb. 20, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Sunnyside Environmental School, 3421 SE Salmon St.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 25, 6:30 to 8:30 at Immigrant & Refuge Community Organization (IRCO), 10301 NE Glisan St.
  • Thursday, Feb. 27, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Multnomah Arts Center, 7688 SW Capitol Highway

The meetings will start with an opportunity to give input around desired transportation improvements in your area, followed by a presentation on transportation needs and possible solutions.

For more information and the opportunity to complete a Portland transportation needs online survey, click here.  If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact Mark Lear, 503 823-7604.

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