Emergency Prep First Steps

Emergency preparedness may seem like a lot of work when you aren’t sure when the next big event will occur — an earthquake, an ice storm or something else.  Here are five simple things you can do this week to be more prepared:

  1. Sign up for Public Alerts, especially if you do not have a home phone.
  2. Buy extra water during your next shopping trip. (Experts advise story at least a gallon a day per person in your household.)
  3. Buy a few extra of your favorite canned meal for your emergency preparedness kit.
  4. Copy important documents, like your birth certificate, and store them in a sealed waterproof folder with your emergency supplies.
  5. Contact your neighborhood association (503 823-4288) or your Neighborhood Emergency Team to learn how you can get involved in the local community.

Visit our emergency preparedness page for additional resources.

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Public Input on Police Directives

The Portland Police Bureau directs member action through the establishment of policy, procedure, and rule, as found within directives. The Bureau is in the process of reviewing all its directives.  At the beginning of every month, the Bureau will post directives for public review and ask for comments. Currently, the Bureau is asking for the community’s feedback regarding the following directives:

  • 205.00, Correspondence
  • 210.15, Site Visits
  • 270.00, Ordinance and Resolutions
  • 313.20, Political Activities
  • 313.50, Endorsements, Referrals, and Publicity
  • 614.50, Release of Information
  • 630.36, Writing for Publication
  • 630.37, Partnership Agreements
  • 631.34, Critical Incident Notifications
  • 631.35, Press/Media

Community members are encouraged to read the directives and provide drafting comments at online. This web page also enables community members to sign up for email notifications when new directives are posted. These directives above will remain posted and comments collected from Sunday, February 1, 2015, through Saturday, February 28, 2015.

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Cross-cultural Communication: Race Talks & Police Forums

Race Talks

Race Talks’ goal is to support interracial and cross-cultural communication through the development of sensitivity and understanding supported by educational panels and/or films, good food and great discussions. Attendees participate in small group interracial/inter-cultural dialogues led by facilitators trained to lead discussions about race. For many, this is a new experience and causes life-changing breakthroughs in their personal and professional relationships.

Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Place: McMenamins Kennedy School, 5736 NE 33rd Avenue

  • February 10th: Cross-Cultural Adoption & African-American Hair Care
  • March 10th: Learning to be WHITE
  • April 14th: Islam-A Religion of Peace
  • May 12th: How to REALLY be a White Ally: Stories from the Civil Rights Era
  • June 9th: The Black Panthers 50th Anniversary: Dispelling the Myths
  • July 14th: Marijuana’s Legal: What Happens to Those Already in Jail?
  • August 11th: Fair Housing Bus Tour
  • September 8th: State of the District: Portland Public Schools Update
  • October 13th: Fundraiser Dance/Auction
  • November 10th: Unnatural Causes

Community Police Forums

To improve communications between the Police and the Public, Race Talks 2 is working in cooperation with the Albina Ministerial Alliance and the Portland Police Bureau to sponsor a series of Community-Police Forums, Events ill be held monthly at different locations and posted on their Face Book page and Social Justice Alerts as they are scheduled. Come and let us know what’s on your mind. Diner an babysitting provided.

Event #1
Date: Tuesday, February 3, 2015
Time: Free Dinner at 5:30 PM, Program — 6:00 – 9:00  PM
Place: Jefferson High School Cafeteria, 5210 N Kerby Ave

Event #2
Date:  Tuesday, March 3, 2015
Time: Free Dinner at 5:30 PM, Program — 6:00 – 9:00  PM
Place: Roosevelt High School Cafeteria, 6941 North Central St


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“In It Together” Community Summit

Date:     Saturday, February  28, 2015
Time:     8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Place:     Abridge Center, 1333 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Join us neighbors, friends and activists at the 2015 “In It Together” Community Summit to discover, connect, share, invent and grow in your community! Strengthen relationships. Increase capacity. Build community.

Hear success stories. Attend informational workshops. Facilitate dialogues on topic you care about. Network with leaders from all across the City of Portland — make connections that will allow us to work together to address real challenges and engage diverse peoples.

There are over 30 workshop topics listed online available with brief descriptions available. Each Summit participant will be able to select topics at the beginning of the day at check in. At the same time, participants will be asked if there are community dialogues you would like to facilitate. Questions? Email the Office of Neighborhood Involvement or call 503 823-3093. Register online in advance to reserve your lunch.

Neighbors West-Northwest is facilitating “Show Me the Money: Volunteer-based Grant Wwriting.” Do you have a project idea that would help your community? Artists, environmentalists, activists, families, job creators & more: Come learn tips from grant managers who’ll provide insights into their programs. Connect with successful volunteers that have learned about grant writing through experience. Bring your ideas for feedback from the broader community. This workshop will help you understand what it takes to bring your vision to life while building relationships with funders so that they are willing to support your ideas in the future.

Most workshops include volunteer participation in the program. Some other interesting topics include:

  • Managing Neighborhood Growth & Change: Strategies & Tools for Influencing Neighborhood Design and Facilitating Greater Community Input
  • Demolition and Development – How Neighborhood Grassroots Organizations Can Impact Public Policy
  • How to work on Transportation Issues from the Neighborhood Level
  • Your Resilient Neighborhood: Emergency Preparedness
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go: Responding to Emergency Alerts
  • Helping Neighbors with Crime and Livability Issues: A Guide for Community Leaders
  • Protect the Livability of Your Neighborhood: Here’s How
  • Effective Advocacy 101
  • Oil Trains, Coal Trains, Propane Trains
  • Principles of Community-based Leadership
  • Public Involvement Advisory Council (PIAC) & Notification Issues and Opportunities
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Mill Site Project Moves Forward

by Rob Lee, Linnton Neighborhood Association Secretary

After nearly a decade and a half of standing idle and forlorn, the Linnton Plywood Mill is finally being sold and developed. Linnton Water Credits LLC is buying the25 acre site, and Restorecap, an environmental restoration company, will oversee the landscape’s transformation into habitat for wild fish and other animals, as a Superfund mitigation project. Under the Superfund law, those who polluted the river – Potentially Responsible Parties, PRPs in Superfund parlance – not only clean up the river under the guidance of the Environmental Protection Agency they must also compensate the public for having damaged a natural resource. Mitigation sites are this payment.

“The Willamette River was once an incredibly rich river with wetlands and lakes and fish and wildlife,” said Erin Madden, environmental attorney for the Nez Perce Tribe, and chair of the Portland Harbor Natural Resource Trustee Council, which oversees these mitigation projects. “We can never bring that back. We can determine what damage has been caused by this contamination and how we make up for that.”

By next summer work will likely have begun, with Linnton Creek daylighted from east of the rail tracks and flowing into a lagoon with an island in its center, where juvenile salmon can rest on their journey to the ocean. The landscape will be given more natural contours, and covered with native plantings, with an eye toward not blocking people’s views of the river and the bridge. A refuge for wildlife, the area will be fenced in and not accessible to the public.

A walkway will run along the north side of the site, at NW 107th, to an overlook at the river. Portland Parks and Recreation is holding ongoing talks with Restorecap to make sure this fenced in overlook can be easily converted into a gateway into an existing greenway that runs above the river bank, and beach, to the edge of the Kinder Morgan facility to the north. Included in this conversation is the possibility of an eight-acre park along the river, although this prospect, while real, is vague and years away.

Click here for an example of Willamette River habitat restoration currently occurring at the Alder Creek Site on Sauvie Island.

Link to the permit application submitted to the City of Portland for the Linnton Plywood Mill site

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Illuminations #1: A public animated installation

Ten Magical Nights in December

A Reprise of Illumination #1 by Rose Bond

In Collaboration with Old Town Chinatown Community Association, Portland Chinatown History & Museum FOundation and The Society Hotel

Opens: First Thursday, Decemebr 4th, 2014
On View: 6 – 8pm, Dec. 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, & 21
At: Mariner’s Home Building on NW 3rd & Davis

For more details

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Join or lead a Tree Care Team with Portland Fruit Tree Project in 2015!

Learn tree care skills while improving the health and productivity of urban fruit trees…

Join a Tree Care Team and receive valuable training in organic methods of fruit tree care throughout the seasons, while caring for urban fruit trees that provide fruit for the community. Each team will care for a cluster of PFTP-registered fruit trees, visiting each tree once per season to complete the full spectrum of care. Each team is instructed & guided by two ‘Team Leaders’ with experience and skills in organic fruit tree care. This is a unique opportunity to develop strong skills in organic fruit tree care, meet new people, and care for trees providing food to your community!

Members and Leaders will participate in ten 3-hour work-parties over an 11-month period (January-November, 2015).

Topics/tasks will include: Winter & Summer Pruning, Young Tree Training & Care, Pest & Disease Management, Fruit Thinning, and more. At the end of the program you will receive a certificate of completion.

Click below for program overviews & position descriptions:
Tree Care Team Member
Tree Care Team Leader

To apply: Call 503-284-6106 or email Bob to request an application form.

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Prevent Package Theft

By Stefanie Adams, ONI Crime Prevention Program

Crime Prevention Coordinators have been hearing about package thefts throughout Portland. This type of crime tends to increase during holiday months as residents purchase more goods that are shipped to their doorsteps. Many of these incidents are crimes of opportunity. An offender may not intend to target a particular home, but walks or drives by an area and sees an easy target where something of perceived value can be quickly taken without notice. On occasion we hear about thieves who trail a delivery truck, stealing packages as they are dropped off. Not only is an untended package that is visible from the street vulnerable to theft, but it may indicate that no one is home, making the home a possible target for burglary.

There are a number of delivery options available to the consumer that can help reduce incidents of package theft. Some options to consider:

  • Ship your package to a location where someone you know will be available to receive it, which may include your work address or a relative, neighbor, or friends’ home. Some shipping companies will allow you to choose a preferred time and date, as well as change location when the package is in route.
  • Request a signature for deliveries.
  • Track your package and request an email, text, or other alert about the status of delivery.
  • Arrange to pick up packages at the carrier or the retail establishment.
  • If there are no other options, provide specific instructions about where the package should be left on your property. Choose a location that conceals the item, so that it can’t be seen by people walking or driving in the area.
  • Certain retailers and delivery companies deliver to lockers or other secured locations. Consider using these services when they are offered.
  • If you are going on vacation, place deliveries on hold until you return from your trip.
  • As a good neighbor, be alert and report all crime and suspicious activity. If you see a package being stolen from a neighbor’s home, call 9-1-1. Neighbors are encouraged to call suspicious activity to the police by calling 9-1-1 for immediate threats to life or property or the non-emergency number to the police at 503 823-3333.
  • Report package theft to the police at 503 823-3333 and the delivery company.

Residents in SE Portland did a great job of alerting their neighbors through NextDoor  when some packages were recently stolen. Sharing this kind of information is helpful because it prompts neighbors to be alert and to step up security measures. Theft is overwhelming, especially during the holiday season. Keep an eye out for your neighbors and consider the above options to reduce package theft.

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Interrupting Racism for Everyday Living Actionshop

Resolutions Northwest is offering the upcoming training: Interrupting Racism for Everyday Living Actionshop

Date: Friday, October 24, 2014
Time: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Place: Resolutions Northwest • 1827 NE 44th Avenue, Suite 300 • Portland OR
Fee: $160, please pay what you are able.

Racial micro-aggressions happen every day – at the grocery store, at a family gathering, in our neighborhood and workplace. This Actionshop starts from the belief that racism exists, often in covert ways. It also assumes that while interrupting racism is not always easy, it is a crucial part of our work for racial justice. The training will:

  • Give voice to what gets in the way for each of us and what is gained by interrupting racism.
  • Introduce 3 strategies for interrupting in different contexts.
  • Use real-life scenarios to practice interruptions in the skin you’re in.

For more information check out the website. Breakfast snacks, coffee & tea will be provided. Space is limited. Register now! Questions? Contact Susan, 503 595-4890.

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2015 Community Cultural Participation Grant Program

The Multnomah County Cultural Coalition (MCCC) announces their 2015 Community Cultural Participation Grant Program deadline. This year, up to $60,000 will be awarded to community-based cultural events, programs, organizations and neighborhood associations that foster a community that is opportunity-rich in cultural offerings, make culture more accessible and affordable to Multnomah County residents or encourage new cultural activities and organizations.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to attend a Grant Orientation on Thursday, September 25, 11:00am-12:30pm, at the Multnomah County Central Library US Bank Room (801 SW 10th Ave in Downtown) OR on Saturday, October 4, 10:30-12:00pm at the Multnomah County Midland Library Small Conference Room (105 SE 122nd Ave).

The 2015 grant cycle application and additional information is now available. The deadline for submitting applications is October 13, 2014, 5:00 p.m.

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