Interrupting Racism for Everyday Living Actionshop

Resolutions Northwest is offering the upcoming training: Interrupting Racism for Everyday Living Actionshop

Date: Friday, October 24, 2014
Time: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Place: Resolutions Northwest • 1827 NE 44th Avenue, Suite 300 • Portland OR
Fee: $160, please pay what you are able.

Racial micro-aggressions happen every day – at the grocery store, at a family gathering, in our neighborhood and workplace. This Actionshop starts from the belief that racism exists, often in covert ways. It also assumes that while interrupting racism is not always easy, it is a crucial part of our work for racial justice. The training will:

  • Give voice to what gets in the way for each of us and what is gained by interrupting racism.
  • Introduce 3 strategies for interrupting in different contexts.
  • Use real-life scenarios to practice interruptions in the skin you’re in.

For more information check out the website. Breakfast snacks, coffee & tea will be provided. Space is limited. Register now! Questions? Contact Susan, 503 595-4890.

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2015 Community Cultural Participation Grant Program

The Multnomah County Cultural Coalition (MCCC) announces their 2015 Community Cultural Participation Grant Program deadline. This year, up to $60,000 will be awarded to community-based cultural events, programs, organizations and neighborhood associations that foster a community that is opportunity-rich in cultural offerings, make culture more accessible and affordable to Multnomah County residents or encourage new cultural activities and organizations.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to attend a Grant Orientation on Thursday, September 25, 11:00am-12:30pm, at the Multnomah County Central Library US Bank Room (801 SW 10th Ave in Downtown) OR on Saturday, October 4, 10:30-12:00pm at the Multnomah County Midland Library Small Conference Room (105 SE 122nd Ave).

The 2015 grant cycle application and additional information is now available. The deadline for submitting applications is October 13, 2014, 5:00 p.m.

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New City of Portland Tree Regulations in 2015

by Mary Ann Pastene – The City of Portland will implement a new set of tree regulations beginning in 2015. This tree code, referred to as Title 11, is designed to make tree regulations and requirements more equitable, to improve urban forestry customer service and to enhance and protect Portland’s valuable urban tree canopy. The new code affects the pruning, planting, removal and maintenance of trees on both private and public properties. The code also changes the tree preservation standards and tree density requirements for all new development projects. More information on this new tree code can be found at online.

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Metro Central 2015 Grant Opportunity

If you have ideas on how to make your neighborhood more beautiful or serve the people who live in your community, a Metro Central Enhancement grant could help make your vision a reality. These grants were created more than 20 years ago with the intention of enhancing neighborhoods impacted by the Metro Central transfer facility. They are designed to support residents within an area that stretches along the west side of the Willamette River from the Northwest District Neighborhood Association to Linnton, as well as an area around the St. Johns Bridge within North Portland’s Cathedral Park neighborhood. A wide variety of projects can fit the bill.

Download the application and handbook with all the details online. Approximately $100,000 is estimated to be available for 2015 grants and applications are due Oct. 27, 2014.

Each year the Metro Central committee members review grant applications that benefit Northwest Portland. Contact your neighborhood association representatives to apply for this position!

Need help? Contact Heather Nelson Kent, 503 797-1739 to discuss your idea, get advice on project planning, connect with potential partners and hear lessons learned from successful projects.

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September IS National Preparedness Month

Free Earthquake Preparedness Classes in September

Take your understanding of earthquake risks to the next level with free classes offered in September. During National Preparedness Month, the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management is offering free FEMA training designed to help you identify and reduce potential earthquake risks in your home and office. Both classes are ideal for homeowners and property managers. Click here for additional details.

Ten things you can do right now to be better prepared for an emergency:

  1. Refresh your emergency water supply. Drinkable water is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of any emergency kit and plan.
  2. Sign up to receive emergency alerts by email and text message through Public Alerts.
  3. Find your BEECN (Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Node): It’s a place you can go after a large earthquake to get important information.
  4. Learn about Portland NET (Neighborhood Emergency Teams) and identify at least one member of your family to get trained.
  5. Tuck away a few bucks in for your emergency kit cash supply.
  6. Identify an out-of-state emergency contact.
  7. Don’t rely on your memory. Print out your emergency contact’s name, phone number and email address; your immediate family’s contact information; your family’s important insurance and medical information; copies of your state-issued identification or passport, your pet license details.
  8. Don’t get smooshed! Move heavy items to floor-level shelves.
  9. Download some apps for preparedness. The American Red Cross, FEMA and National Weather Service offer cool, free tools for folks with smartphones.
  10. Think about it, talk about it. What’s your family’s emergency plan? Where will you reconvene and reconnect? Who will pick up the kids from school if you can’t get home from your job on the other side of the river?

Questions? Call the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management, by phone at 503 823-4375 or by email. To coordinate with your neighbors, get involved in your neighborhood association.


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Workshop: Improve Outreach to Diverse Populations

Date:  Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Time: 12:00—1:30 PM (Feel free to bring your lunch!)
Place: Multnomah Building Boardroom, 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

RSVP (if possible): or 503-988-3450.

Outside In (OI) will share its most successful practices, lessons learned, and tools for outreach with diverse and under-engaged populations. OI assists marginalized populations, including homeless, youth, injection drug users and people with mental health issues to move towards health and self-sufficiency. Their services include medical care, food, housing, counseling, education and job training through Virginia Woof Daycare. Networking will follow their presentation.

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Police Bureau Seeking Public Input

The Portland Police Bureau directs member action through the establishment of policy, procedure, and rule, as found within directives. The Bureau is in the process of reviewing all its directives. At the beginning of every month, the Bureau will post directives for public review and ask for comments.

Currently, the Bureau is asking for the community’s feedback regarding its directives pertaining to discipline process. Because the discipline process is a serious matter, a process which directly impacts members, reflects upon the Bureau, and is of interest to diverse, external parties, the Bureau is routing this series through its public process for a second time. The Bureau will be looking at national best practices and the public’s comments in order to update these policies this fall:

* 330.00, Internal Affairs Compliant Investigation Process
* 331.00, Service Improvement Opportunity
* 332.00, Administrative Investigations
* 333.00, Criminal Investigations of Police Bureau Employees
* 334.00, Performance Deficiencies
* 335.00, Discipline Process
* 336.00, Police Review Board
* 337.00, Police Review Board Personnel Selection
* 338.00, Discipline Guide

Community members are encouraged to read the directives and provide drafting comments online. This webpage also enables community members to sign up for email notifications when new directives are posted.

The discipline process directives will remain posted and comments collected for thirty days (30), September 1, 2014 through Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

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Complete a Water Bureau Survey: May’s Boil Water Altert

Dear Water Customer,

In late May of this year the Portland Water Bureau sent a drinking water advisory (boil water notice) to customers telling them to boil their drinking water because of potential contamination.

While the Water Bureau is always working to keep our drinking water safe, we would also like to improve how we communicate important information to you in an emergency situation.

We want to hear from you about your experience during the drinking water advisory in May.

Please go to the link below and complete a short survey. The survey will ask you how you received information and advice on what to do during the incident.

We will use this information to improve the way we communicate with you and other community members in the future.

Please click on the link to complete the online survey.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact:
Portland Water Bureau Water Line
503 823-7525

Thank you for your time and information,

Portland Water Bureau

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PUBLIC ALERT: Scam Affecting Utility Customers

News Release from Portland Police Bureau: FlashAlert: August 13th, 2014 9:00 AM

The Portland Police Bureau and Portland General Electric want community members to be aware of an ongoing nation-wide telephone scam targeting utility customers.

Members of the community are being targeted by a telephone scam in which customers are being contacted by someone claiming to be with their utility, or a collection agency working on behalf of the utility.

These scammers are telling customers that they are past due on their account and need to pay immediately or their service will be disconnected. Customers are directed to purchase a Green Dot, MoneyPak or Vanilla Reload prepaid credit card and call the scammer back with the credit card number. As soon as the scammer obtains the serial number off of the pre-paid card, they are able to transfer funds into their own account.

Several customers have become victims of the scam and have lost hundreds and thousands of dollars.

These callers have no known access to any confidential utility customer information. They will often target non-native English speakers in the community, including businesses.

PGE will never ask you to buy a pre-paid credit card to pay your bill.

PGE employees do not accept payment over the phone.

If you question the authenticity of a call asking for payment, hang up and contact your local utility directly; PGE customers can call customer service at 503 228-6322 or 800-542-8818.

Tips to help avoid becoming a victim to this scam include:

  • Never give personal or financial information to an unsolicited caller or email.
  • Be suspicious of callers who demand immediate payment for any reason.
  • Utility companies and government agencies will never contact you for payment by GreenDot, MoneyPak or Vanilla Reload.
  • Remember that anyone who has the number on a prepaid card has access to the funds on your card.
  • Never wire money, provide debit or credit card numbers to a stranger.

MoneyPak/Green Dot and Vanilla Reload have online tools to allow purchasers to request a refund if the scammer has not yet cashed the card. For more information, please visit MoneyPak/Green Dot or Vanilla Reload.

If you are a resident of Portland and fall victim to these scammers with financial loss, you are encouraged to file a report by calling the Portland Police Bureau’s Non-Emergency line at 503 823-3333.

Resources are available for consumers to avoid becoming victims of scams and fraud at the Oregon Department of Justice.

About Portland General Electric Company: Portland General Electric, headquartered in Portland, Ore., is a fully integrated electric utility that serves approximately 838,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Oregon.

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Emergency Preparedness Classes

In September, National Preparedness Month, the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management and Oregon Emergency Management, with generous support from Metro, are offering free courses designed to help you identify and reduce potential earthquake hazards in your home. Classes run from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Oregon Convention Center. Click the links below to register.

Wednesday, Sept. 17 – Don’t get smooshed

Bookshelves, copiers, TVs and refrigerators tethered to the wall? No? These are the kinds of non-structural hazards that can cause great harm to you, your employees or family and account for a majority of damage in several recent U.S. earthquakes. In this two-part class, learn to identify and reduce these hazards, then learn how to train others in your office, neighborhood, church or favorite non-profit to do the same. Click here to register.

Thursday, Sept. 18 – How it shakes out at home

Own or manage a single-family wood-frame house or duplex? This course will introduce you to the common effects of a large earthquake on your home. You will learn ways to reduce damage caused by earthquakes and increase the chances your home will be safe to inhabit after “The Big One” hits. This class is open to anyone, professional or otherwise, who would like to learn how to prepare their home and property against earthquake damage. Click here to register.

Questions? Email or call 503 823-4375.

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