Neighborhood Clean-ups

What is a Clean-up?

Noticed a bit more debris lining neighborhood sidewalks? Want to increase your recycling and reuse options or provide a convenient occasion for bulky waste disposal (i.e. that old mattress, etc)? Want to spruce up a few blocks or a bit of the neighborhood’s green space?  Why not partner with neighbors to host a clean-up?

Clean-ups are a great way to increase neighborhood pride, promote neighborliness, and to introduce people to the neighborhood association and its other activities.  Clean-ups can be used as fundraisers, community service, or can be combined with other events.

Determine what type of clean-up will meet your neighborhood’s needs and see below for more information about resources NWNW may be able to provide.

Clean-up Program & Funding

Neighbors West-Northwest receives $7,811 from a contract with the City of Portland Office of Sustainable Development to fund clean-up activities (to view the contract and restrictions on funding click here). Each fall, NWNW uses some of the funds to hold a coalition-wide clean-up. The remaining funds are then divided equally among the neighborhoods we serve (12).  In years past, several neighborhoods have decided to forgo this funding, so in March of each year, additional funds may be available to the neighborhoods that are planning clean-ups.  Neighborhood clean-ups are also eligible to receive Metro vouchers that cover costs associated with the weights of trash generated at an event (tipping fees).  Click here to request a voucher.

Begin Planning

Below you can find PDFs that provide information and resources about the NWNW Clean-up Program. If your neighborhood is interested in holding a clean-up, contact or 503-823-4265 to discuss your ideas and options. If you are interested in holding a clean-up in Fall 2014, contact Jen to be notified of updates. Due to the clean-up funding cycle, clean-ups held between June and mid-August are eligible for reimbursement in the next fiscal year.

Coalition Clean-up Program Contact
Jen Kirk
Office hours: Monday – Thursday

Downloadable Handouts (PDF):

For more information on neighborhood clean-ups, contact Neighborhood Clean-Up Program Coordinator, Jennifer Kirk.