Volunteers are the core of Neighborhood Advocacy! Support direct involvement today by volunteering with your local Neighborhood Association or working directly with the Neighbors West-Northwest Coalition.

Volunteer With Your Neighborhood

Neighborhood Associations are all volunteer organizations — they rely on the active participation of volunteers to carry out the work they do. Click here to learn more about your Neighborhood Association and find contact information so you can learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer With NWNW

Neighbors West-Northwest welcomes volunteers to assist with a number of activities. Examples of opportunity areas include:

  • Communications and Outreach
  • Neighborhood Clean-Up and Environmental Education
  • Capacity Building Trainings for Neighborhood Volunteers
  • Event Coordination and Fundraising Support

NWNW needs volunteers to help with our annual recycling event and clean-up! To learn more, contact Jennifer Kirk, 503 823-4265.