Residents Work on Linnton Health Priorities

by Brian Hoop, LNA chair

Participants at the January 27th Linnton Action Model meeting formed workgroups on concerns identified earlier in this collaboration between the Oregon Public Health Division and Linnton community.  This six-month effort is exploring how the reuse and redevelopment of brownfields can create community-wide health benefits for Linnton.

Workgroup topics included health, safety, social and civic engagement, access and mobility, environment, economic, and history of Linnton.  Each group began to examine their issues by answering a series of questions to organize their thoughts and ideas.  One example was noise, an issue most Linnton residents are familiar with:

  1. What are the health concerns of the community?  Noise from road, air, rail, and ship commerce.
  2. How can redevelopment in Linnton address these health concerns?  Slow down traffic.  Create a no whistle zone.  Better regulation of truck compression breaks use.  Pave road with quiet asphalt pavement.
  3. What is the corresponding health benefit?  Noise can cause stress, elevated heart rate, blood pressure, and other ATSDR Action Model health problems. Reducing noise could improve health.
  4. How would we measure this?  We could do noise monitoring to get an adequate assessment of the issue.
  5. Sources for Gathering Data and/or Comment?  Oregon Department of Transportation

Other initial priority issues explored included:

  1. Air Quality, no air quality monitoring and industry self reporting emissions.
  2. Lack of access to riverfront fishing and recreation such as at NW 107th Ave.
  3. Lack of redevelopment of the Linnton Plywood Mill site.
  4. Noise from road, rail, air and ship commerce and transportation.
  5. Lack of emergency preparedness plans. No emergency water source.
  6. Abandoned Kinsley Park, creating an outdoor space for outdoor community gatherings.

The group examined large maps highlighting Portland harbor industrial clean-up sites.

Next meeting is Thursday, March 17th, 6:30 PM at the  Linnton Community Center. Future meetings are April 21 and May 19.

For more information, contact Kari Christensen, Oregon Public Health, 971-673-1211 or click here.

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