Neighborhood Associations are generally made up of people who live, own a business, or work near each other. In Portland, there are ninety-five officially recognized neighborhoods defined by geographic boundaries. Twelve of these neighborhoods are located within the Neighbors West-Northwest coalition area.

What do neighborhoods do?

As a member of your local Neighborhood Association, you will work to improve the livability of your part of the city. Members gather on a regular basis to discuss and resolve common issues including crime prevention, transportation, pedestrian safety, land use, and the environment. Neighbors can bring issues and concerns to Neighborhood Association meetings and also coordinate social gatherings like ice cream socials, picnics, and concerts in the park.

You have the power

You can contribute to the solution! Because neighborhoods are participatory organizations, the work they do depends on the interests and motivation of neighborhood volunteers who are involved. Neighborhood volunteers are people like you who are interested, engaged, and active in your local community.

NWNW Coalition Area Map (PDF)

City Wide Coalition Map (PDF)