Commute traffic on Cornell RoadThe Cornell Road Sustainability Coalition (CRSC) is a community formed alliance to address the impact of Cornell Road as it passes through Forest Park.  The coalition includes board members representing the Portland Audubon Society, Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Forest Park Conservancy, Forest Park Neighborhood Association, Hillside Neighborhood Association, Northwest District Association, and the Northwest Heights Neighborhood Association.

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Map of Cornell Road area

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Our coalition believes that rebalancing the use of the Cornell Corridor is vital to prevent continued decline of this portion of Forest Park and neighborhoods adjacent to the corridor. Rather than simply creating limitations on commuter traffic, our advocates strive to find an inclusive solution that benefits all stakeholders and can be used as a model for future sustainable planning methods.

We support a balanced strategy in conjunction with the City of Portland’s eco-friendly “green” policies and goals for sustainability that encourage low carbon footprint initiatives and improved access for automobile-alternative transportation.