Solarize North/Northwest


In 2011 Neighbors West-Northwest and North Portland Neighborhood Services teamed up to bring the Solarize program to our areas. Interested neighbors came together to choose a contractor, purchase and install solar as a community, and save significant costs as a result of bulk purchasing of solar electric panels. When communities run their own volume purchasing programs they reduce costs associated with a traditional solar installation.

Learn more about how this volume purchasing program works to save money and give more people access to sustainable, cost-efficient energy, and for additional solar energy resources, visit the Solarize Portland website.

Missed the deadline for Solarize Portland?
If you have missed the deadline for your neighborhood project, you can still install solar at competitive prices. Oregon has some of the best tax credits and cash incentives in the country.  To learn more about installing solar on your home outside of a Solarize Neighborhood Project, please visit Energy Trust of Oregon’s Website to find qualified solar contractors.