Block Parties – New application process

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has revised the application and permitting process for block party permits. A new online application is now available on the PBOT website.

Questions? Contact the Bureau of Transportation at 503-823-4003 or email 

The City of Portland offers Block Party Street Closure Permits for events that close one city block for small-scale parties such as potlucks or barbecues with your immediate neighbors.

The City also offers a Community Event Street Closure Permit that closes a street for a large event that is non-political, non-commercial, and provides a civic benefit to the community. This supports events inviting people from beyond the street that is closed including a neighborhood street dance, neighborhood fair, non-profit fundraising event, community holiday event, community festival, farmers market, a business sponsored event or an art fair.

Other than the size and intent of the event, other factors (like serving alcohol, including amplified music or hosting a kid’s bouncy house) may determine:

  • which type of street closure application to fill out,
  • if an additional permit is needed,
  • your insurance needs, and
  • the cost of the permitting (which may be $0).

For more information, visit the links above.

If you are planning an event for National Night Out in August, be sure to register your event with the City of Portland to receive additional benefits — like a streamlined process and requesting visits from the police or fire department. Neighborhood Associations can reserve a space in a park at no charge for National Night Out. For more information, read this National Night Out FAQ (PDF).

For additional information about neighborhood events or National Night Out, contact Neighbors West-Northwest, 503 823-4265.