Download a copy of the Neighbors West-Northwest bylaws here.

“Portland is fortunate to have a formal system of Neighborhood Associations that covers the whole city. This provides a vehicle for every community to gather and identify issues.”

-Paul Leistner, Executive Director, Center for Public Participation, Portland State University League of Women Voters of Portland, How Portland’s NA Program Works Today

District Coalitions, also called Neighborhood Coalitions, provide staff support for neighborhood volunteers. Portland has seven coalitions that operate independently to better serve the unique regions of the city. Click here (PDF) for general information about neighborhood coalitions. Neighbors West-Northwest coalition staff members support twelve neighborhoods in Northwest and inner Southwest Portland.

Each of these neighborhoods sends a representative and an alternate to serve on the non-profit NWNW Coalition board. The board hires staff and provides fiduciary direction to the organization. The coalition only advocates on issues when all twelve neighborhoods agree; however, individual member neighborhoods often work together on topics of mutual interest.

Please browse the resources on this website and feel free to visit our office for more information or to meet with a staff member.